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TUTORIAL: Deploying a Smart Contract on æternity with “forgae”

Tutorial Overview

This tutorial will walk you through the process of setting up a new æpp project using the forgae tool. We will install forgae, initialize an æpp and go through the folder structure. Once this is done we will deploy the æpp on the live network.


  • Installed node.js and npm (node package manager)
  • Installed docker and docker-compose. Installation instructions can be found here
  • The private key of an account that has at least AE tokens (estimate tx cost/fee - 1671168 AET)

    Installing forgae

    forgae is an æternity framework which helps with setting up an æpp project. The framework makes the development of smart contracts in the æternity network very easy. It provides commands for compilation of smart contracts, running a local aeternity node, unit testing and deployment of smart contracts.

The package will soon be available for installation from the npm global repository. You will be able to install it via the following command:

npm i -g forgae

Install from source

Currently, to use the framework, you must clone the repository and install it from source.

git clone

Get into the cloned repository with cd forgae

Run npm link inside the forgae folder (If you have any folder permission issues, try running with sudo sudo npm link)

npm link in the forgae folder will create a symlink in the global folder {prefix}/lib/node_modules/forgae that links to the package folder where the npm link command was executed.

After install

Now, you have a global command - forgae With forgae -h command you have a quick reference list of all commands:

Usage: forgae [options] [command]

  -V, --version      output the version number
  -h, --help         output usage information

  init [options]     Initialize aepp project
  compile [options]  Compile contracts
  test [options]     Running the tests
  node [options]     Running a local node. Without any argument node will be runned with --start argument
  deploy [options]   Run deploy script

Generating the æpp project structure

Initialize æpp

The first thing we need to do is create a project folder and initialize its structure.

Let’s create a folder for our project:

mkdir ~/Development/myFirstAepp

Go to a newly created folder cd ~/Development/myFirstAepp and initialize the æpp with:

forgae init

The init command creates an æpp structure with several folders and scripts:

  • contracts - directory in which the developer can create contracts
    • ExampleContract.aes - an sample smart contract coming with the init. We will be deploying this one.
        contract ExampleContract =
       type state = ()
       function main(x : int) = x 
  • deployment - directory that contains the deployment scripts
    • deploy.js - an examplary deployment script coming with the init
  • test - directory containing the unit test files that the developer writes
    • exampleTest.js - an examplary test script coming with the init
  • docker - directory with docker configuration files, allowing for easy use of a local version of the æternity network

Deploying ExampleContract on the live æternity network

The deploy command helps developers run their deployment scripts for their æpp. The sample deployment script is scaffolded in deployment folder.

forgae deploy [path] [network] [secretKey]
  • -path - path to a deployment file, default value is ./deployment/deploy.js
  • -network (-n) - specify the url to a node in this network (ex.
  • -secretKey (-s) - secret(private) key that will unlock the wallet that will be used to deploy the contract

Deploy ExampleContract.aes on mainnet with the following command:

forgae deploy -n  -s <secretKey>

Deploying ExampleContract on the sdk-edgenet

The command for depoying on the edgenet is similar to the one above above, but with different --network paramerter:

forgae deploy -n  -s <secretKey>


Deploying smart contracts to the æternity network is nice and easy. In just few minutes and few commands, one can deploy their desired contracts on any net. The æternity team will keep this tutorial updated with news. If you encounter any problems please contract us through the æternity dev Forum category.